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Sony NEWS-OS 3.3 on NEWS-1850

NEWS-OS 3.3 is a pretty straight 4.3BSD (Tahoe?). The NEWS-1850 is a dual M68030 machine (25MHz; one of the 030 is an "I/O processor") with 16MB of RAM soldered.

Sony NEWS 1850 workstation

It is not possible to change root's HOME directory to /root...


if ($term == xterm-256color) then
       setenv TERM vt100


if [ $TERM = "xterm-256color" ]
   then TERM=vt100; export TERM
# set a fancy prompt
PS1='\u@\h:\w\$ '
export PS1



./configure --enable-languages=c


#ifndef errno
extern int errno;

gcc-2.95.3: FAILS

--enable-languages=c --disable-nls --disable-multilib
fix Makefile. remove c++ from LANGUAGES
size_t is declared in <stddef.h>
mkstemp.c | size_t
setenv.c  | size_t, NULL undefined
failes with internal compiler error 4

gawk 3.0.6 protos.h typedef int mode_t; config.h:

  1. undef STRTOD

NEWS-OS doesn't know about struct dirent

NEWS-OS has buggy tolower() and topper().


./configure --enable-nntp-only --disable-nls --enable-broken-system-fix m68k-sony-newsos3.3 --with-shell=/usr/local/bin/bash --with-editor=/usr/local/bin/vim


  1. define DECL_FREE 1
  2. define DECL_MALLOC 1
  3. define DECL_REALLOC 1

add to pcre/pcre_globals.c:

extern void *malloc(size_t); extern void *realloc(void *, size_t); extern void free(void *);

pcre/dftables.c: NEWS-OS3.3 fopen() doesn't understand argument "wb", but fails silently, rather then giving an error message. Change to "w+"

also needs tolower and toupper fixes.


  1. define NULL 0

typedef int size_t; doesn't work

make-3.76.1: works

grep-2.4.2 edit src/system.h to undef HAVE unistd.h SEEK_CUR needs to be defined. lseek lives in <sys/file.h> NEWS-OS doesn't have strcoll() doesn't work

grep-2.2: works

m4-1.4.5: FAIL NEWS-OS doesn't know about MB_CUR_MAX doesn't work.

m4-1.4.3: works

top-3.3: NEWS-OS doesn't have pid_t typedef int pid_t;



  1. include <sys/file.h>
  2. ifndef SEEK_SET
  3. define SEEK_SET 0
  4. endif
  1. ifndef SEEK_END
  2. define SEEK_END 2
  3. endif

to: fileio.c memfile.c memline.c

also needs strstr() use libmissing

NEWS-OS doesn't have dirent.h. Replace #include dirent.h with sys/dir.h in ctags/ctags.c

won't compile ctags. don't use ctags. vim alone works.

/usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/m68k-sony-newsos/ /warning: /*' within comment

apparent bug in news-os include files. fix in /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/m68k-sony-newsos/ and in /usr/include/include/machine/machparam.h

  1. ifndef SEEK_SET
  2. define SEEK_SET 0
  3. endif
  1. ifndef SEEK_END
  2. define SEEK_END 2
  3. endif

  1. ifndef L_tmpnam
  2. define L_tmpnam 25
  3. endif

binutils-2.9.1: FAIL

gas needs to be like a Sun3. doesn't work.

libmissing: remove strftime.o and uname.o, because it won't compile