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If your 3270 session isn't used for a certain amount of time, it will time out and your session will be terminated. There are some possibilities to work around that.

Put your session into an auto-update state, so it will not timeout.
This one can be found in websites on the internet quite often as a solution. You need to set the mode manually before the terminal will sit idle, though. Because of that I think this isn't a proper solution.
Raise a global job timeout parameter.
You need to edit SYS1.PARMLIB(SMFPRM00) and raise the JWT (Job Wait Timeout) parameter contained within to your liking. The exact format of the JWT variable isn't clear to me. Some sources state it's in HHMM format, others state, it's the number of minutes until timeout. Maybe it also depends on the OS version used. Unfortunately, this parameter doesn't affect just TSO sessions but all jobs in the system. Additionally, it's not clear how exactly to activate changes without the need to IPL. Your mileage may vary.
Modify the TSO logon procedure to set a higher default for TSO sessions only.
You can find the logon procedure JCL in SYS1.PROCLIB(TSOLOGON). In the line with the IKJACCNT-statement, simply add a ,TIME=1440 to the end of the line and save. Since it's a procedure which is called at every logon, no further action should be needed.